Contest Rules

WPTL Contest Rules and Disclaimers

  1. Winners must be 18 years old or older, parents or legal guardian must claim prize(s), even though prizes can or may be used by a minor. If prizes require winner to be of legal age, winner must be of legal age requirement to claim prize(s).

  2. Only one winner per household, per (30) thirty days, unless otherwise notified in individual contest rules.

  3. Contests that require phone call participation to win, winner must be the correct caller. Everyone that calls to participate in contests are automatically giving their consent to be announced as the winner of the contest.

  4. Skycountry Broadcasting is not responsible or in any way liable for contestants inability to get through on the contest phone lines ( for any reason – technical or otherwise).

  5. All prizes must be picked up within (14) fourteen days of the date won (unless notified verbally at the time of winning that the prize is dated, and the prize must be picked up sooner) at WPTL’s business offices located at 133 Pisgah Drive, Canton, North Carolina, 28716 during normal business hours (Monday to Friday from 8AM to 4PM) with proper identification.

  6. If winner is sending a representative to claim their prize(s), their representative must have legal identification from the winner and proper identification for themselves.

  7. Contest prize(s) will not be mailed unless otherwise notified.

  8. Skycountry Broadcasting does not assume any reliability for prizes damaged or lost after mailed.

  9. Failure to claim prize(s) by winner in this or any contest on WPTL may be cause to exclude that contestant from future winning for a period of one year.

  10. Any grand prize(s) that total over $600, may be subject to an IRS 1099 form and winner must provide a valid Social Security Number. All taxes for prize(s) that are subject to IRS taxation, payment of that tax is the responsibility of the winner(s). Winners of grand prize(s) are required to complete affidavits of eligibility and a station release form in order to receive that grand prize(s).

  11. No prize substitution will be made and prize(s) are not transferable.

  12. All winners agree that neither Skycountry Broadcasting, nor any other participating sponsor will be liable for any injury that may occur in connection with winners acceptance of any contest prize(s).

  13. Skycountry Broadcasting is not responsible for events canceled by a venue or promoter and will not replace prize(s) unless provided by the venue or promoter.

  14. Skycountry Broadcasting and all participating sponsors reserve the right to use the winner’s name, voice and likeness and the fact that he/she has won a prize(s) in publicizing this and any contest.

  15. All contests are open to all listeners, except for full or part-time employees of Skycountry Broadcasting, or any of their advertising agencies, immediate family members of such employees, or any of their assigns or licensees.

  16. Contest is not open to owners, officers, employees, consultants or advertising/marketing agencies for any radio station in this market area as defined by Arbitron Radio for the Total Survey Area.

  17. Contest is not open to a contest sponsor(s) or their employees at their place of business, however, they may enter contest at other contest locations. Sponsor(s) that agree to be the location for a grand prize drawing agree that sponsors and their employees at that location can not enter said contest.

  18. Once a person wins a grand prize valued at $1,000 dollars or more, cash or prize(s), they or any member of their immediate family or member of their household may not participate in any contest or station-sponsored contest for a period of (1) one year from winning, unless otherwise notified in individual contest rules.

  19. All taxes, insurance and other miscellaneous expenses or fees are the sole responsibility of winners. A 1099 form will be sent to the winner(s) at the end of each year if cash or prize values have totaled $600 or more. Winner is responsible for taxes.

  20. If prize that contestant wins is an event and such event is canceled due to an Act of God, Skycountry Broadcasting reserves the right and contestant understands that may include forfeiture of event, if such event cannot be rescheduled. Contestant will still receive any and all other prizes associated with event.

  21. Skycountry Broadcasting reserves the right to amend or change the rules at any time.

  22. Skycountry Broadcasting may exclude any contestant from being a winner and claiming a prize(s), if that contestant has broken any of the rules listed in this document.

      23. All decisions made by Skycountry Broadcasting are final.