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Flea Market

Everybody’s got “stuff”. What’s around your basement, attic, or garage you’re not using anymore? Turn it into MONEY!

What’re you looking for? A Weed eater, Camper Trailer, Collectibles or Antiques? Find it on the Flea Market!

Buy, Sell, and Trade on WPTL’s Popular program, The Flea Market

Monday through Saturday : 8:30-9am

Numbers To Call: 648-3576 and 648-3577

Fax your listings: (828)648-3577 after 9am

Mail you listing to : The Flea Market. WPTL Radio, PO Box 909 Canton, NC, 28716


TIPS: Keep your listings to about 3 or 4 items. Be sure to include your phone number. remember this is a public forum and WPTL cannot make warrants about any transactions!

Business sponsorship makes the WPTL Flea Market possible. remember to shop with, and THANK OUR SPONSORS!